Prospects in the OTT Via Satellite Market

4 min readJul 10, 2020

The transition of the video industry from traditional TV to OTT and IPTV is impacting on satellite service providers’ video revenues. At the same time, it has also created opportunities for satellite companies to innovate and experiment by integrating satellite solutions in various video market verticals.

These changing dynamics of the satellite video industry is paving the way for hybrid technology to take over the video market, and satellite solutions will play a crucial role in deploying services where video content reach is still at a minimum level. For instance, when it comes to deploying services in remote areas, satellite backend solutions are the game changers in terms of overcoming the complications of terrestrial infrastructure. Though the future of OTT services looks competitive, the transition of the global audience from satellite TV to OTT is consistent but at a slow pace in many parts of the world. Therefore, both satellite operators and service providers have received this opportunity during this transition phase to experiment and reincarnate satellite solutions for the emerging video market.

OTT Content Delivery via Satellite

SES, Eutelsat, Quadrille, and Broadpeak, among others, are some of the current companies providing satellite solutions for the OTT market. Both SES and Eutelsat provide satellite solutions for OTT and IPTV market segments. Eutelsat’s CIRRUS, a hybrid satellite OTT solution, consists of SmartBEAM technology. This SmartBEAM technology allows Eutelsat to extend its OTT content reach via Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the regions where the internet connection is at the lowest rate.

Quadrille, a company specializing in content delivery over satellite, partnered with Anevia, an OTT and IPTV software solution provider, in March 2019 to serve the live-TV market with sophisticated streaming content quality.

Image Credits: Gerd Altmann

The satellite industry is evolving and entering a new era of the video industry, but one thing that keeps the clock ticking is that whether it is viable to compete with the terrestrial players to take over the OTT market?

As far as the competitive scale of OTT platforms is concerned, there are some empty spaces where satellite solutions will be the game-changer. Though the future remains…




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